Graded Japanese Tweets

Graded Japanese Tweet collections beta !

I’m happy to announce the beginning of a new experiment powered by the TangoRisto textual analysis engine.

I’ve created five Twitter Collections, each one containing Japanese tweets roughly within a certain level of vocabulary proficiency. The TangoRisto engine is working in the background, searching for tweets that could be interesting to students at each level. Collections are updated every ten minutes.

You can browse these collections from the embedded timelines linked below or from Twitter itself. You can even embed these collection on your own blog if you’d like. For these last two options look at the bottom of each collection page for the corresponding links.

One last note. This is labeled as beta for a good reason. I hacked this thing in a short amount of time, did practically zero testing and probably introduced a few bugs in the process. Meaning, it can malfunction or shutdown at any time. Please let me know your experience and thoughts on this experiment. I may develop it further and possibly integrate it into the mobile app…
Have fun!

Twitter Japanese graded collections

Latest changes

0.0.2 – 22nd Oct. 2017
  • More strict tweet JLPT vocabulary level classification.
  • Filter to exclude tweets labeled as “sensitive content”.
0.0.1 – 19th Oct. 2017
  • Initial release.