Why Tangoristo has now ads?

It’s been almost nine months since I launched Tangoristo on the Android and iOS app stores. Today I’m beginning the rollout of ads, with the option of removing them through a one-time, in-app purchase.

You may ask, why do this on an app that has been free from the beginning? The answer is simple: the app was never free, I know because I paid for it out of my own pocket. Every month Amazon Web Services bills me for the servers that run my code to process and deliver the analyzed Japanese text to the app. This cost increases over time as more powerful servers and more storage space are needed. In addition to that, I spend a good chunk of my free time fixing bugs, adding new features, replying to users and generally working on making the app better.

I love working on this app and I appreciate deeply every time a user reaches out to give me feedback or share their experience. I want to continue making it better, include new languages, improve the quality of the analysis, and more! To do this without losing my sanity I need to establish a sustainable source of revenue.

Please know that I’ve been pondering about this for a long time. You can check the discussions I started on Reddit and Facebook to gather user feedback about the subject. Nobody likes ads, neither do I, but of all the options ‘ads + in-app ad removal’ came out as the most reasonable one.

I don’t expect everybody will understand this. Some may understand it and still leave negative reviews on the app stores. For those who would like to support my work, purchasing the ad removal is a great way of doing so. For those who cannot afford it, I’ve tried my best to avoid an invasive (e.g. full screen) ad experience. It is my hope that through this change I will be able to sustain the app development and continue making it better.

By the way, to give a little bit of context, this is how the app looks with ads:

This is the button to purchase ad removal: